About this site

Robert B. Roloff was a veritable da Vinci, a true, modern-day Michelangelo. The range and volume of his career can't be presented because, in spite of the fact he had more than one complete set of images of his work, he threw all of it in the trash.

What remains are traces, and wealthy interests are busily demolishing his work, quickly.

This website is under construction, and it will be taken apart and rebuilt again and again. A complete presentation will never be possible. If by chance you're in possession of a photograph of any of his construction projects, your contribution would be greatly, gratefully appreciated. Please contact the administrator at rubrkitty@netzero.net.

Meanwhile, you can view many pictures of Robert B. Roloff's architecture in an album assembled for use with this blog here.

Updated October 31, 2016: This blog was created and written by me, Scott Roloff, the only surviving member of Robert B. Roloff’s family. I planned to rebuild and add to this site. One determined, rotten individual and a large team of goons changed this simple idea, and it’s a miracle I’ve survived. As the only living expert on the subject of Robert B. Roloff, I assure you his miraculous architectural career isn’t the most interesting thing about him.

Recently this blog was used as authority in a federal criminal case proving I am an undesirable stripped of the law’s protection and subject to extrajudicial elimination. If that surprises you, join the club. Some people hate art that much.